10 World Most Beautiful Women Cricketers Ever

Holly Ferling (Australia)


Holly Ferling is yet another player who is very beautiful as much as she is talented with the ball. She is still finding her feet in international cricket but has tremendous potential. Ferling will represent Australia as one of their fast bowlers.

Rosalie Birch (England)


One of England’s main spin bowlers, Birch is also pretty and can swing many hearts too. She is looking to trouble opponents with her bowling and home conditions are sure to play a role in ensuring England stand a chance of winning.

Isobel Joyce (Ireland)


One of Ireland’s finest cricketing exports, Joyce is a talented sportsman and comes from a very cricketing family. Her brother represented England and Ireland and she too will represent her country for the World Cup.

Meghan Moirra Lanning (Australia)


An Australian, Meghan was born in Singapore  and was a big fan of cricketers from a young age. This piqued her interest in the game, which she plays professionally now. She is also the captain of the team and despite her relatively young years.

Katherine Helen Brunt (England)


She is a right arm bowler with a classical action, and is also very aggressive. Brunt is also a very talented sportman, having won the player of the year for England on three different occasions.  She is one of the main bowlers to watch out for.

Laura Marsh (England)


Laura Marsh is an off-break bowler who is known to be one of the best spinners in the world of Women cricket. She is also really pretty and can stump any man on any day.

Sarah Taylor (England)


An English cricketer, Sarah Taylor is known for her free flowing stroke play along with her really pretty looks. She opens the batting in ODIs and is a middle order batswoman in tests.

Isa Guha (England)


A name that is familiar amongst Indian audiences thanks to her stint as a commentator, Isa Guha is an English cricketer of Bengali descent. She won the 2009 World Cup with England.

Ellyse Perry (Australian)


An Australian cricketer, Perry made her debut at the age of just 16 and has not looked back since. She is also very pretty and talented and that makes her a force to reckon with.

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